Birth Doula

A Birth Doula . . . 

  • Is someone who can give professional advice and offers knowledge and support to give YOU the confidence to make the right choice yourself 
  • Is a keeper of the space" - she advocates for you AND your baby
  • Helps you find strength you never knew you had as well as how to find and use your "inner voice" with confidence
  • Is a professional, educated, experienced, knowledgeable companion who understands and provides support for the emotional, mental and physical needs of a woman and her family throughout pregnancy birth and recovery. A doula provides ongoing support and care for a woman through her entire journey

As your birth doula I bring a gentle calm to your birth. I help you find your inner strength and power. I support your choices in birth. I'm there to support your partner and family so that they can participate in the birth at their comfort level.  Did you know that having a birth doula on your team significantly lessens the likelihood of a cesarean birth, the use of Pitocin and other interventions and it increases how you perceive your childbirth experience?

What makes ME DIFFERENT is the fact that I am a doula with an OB Nursing Background and the only BRM certified PRO in Riverside County .  I am an RN but perform the role of the doula, and it's a delicate balance.  I work for you, not the hospital and because of my background I can encourage you to take that big deep breath if I see the baby powering down before the 'stormtroopers' come barreling through the door to change your position.  I am the ONLY doula in the valley with RN experience and the ONLY Body Ready Method Certified PRO in the Temecula Valley. 

 Now offering the choice of virtual or in person doula services

  • Virtual Birth Doula Services - $800 . 
  • In person doula support  -  $1600 local hospitals (Rancho Springs, Loma Linda Murrieta, Acorn Birth Center and homebirth within the greater Temecula Valley)  FULL FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2023 but taking a select few beginning Jan 2024

Virtual Doula Services $800 (STILL AVAILABLE)

  • 3 prenatal meetups (in person or on Zoom)
  • Birth plan preparation
  • Special Focus on partner preparation
  • Childbirth Prep, Comfort For Labor and Newborn Care Classes included 
  • Repeat Zoom Comfort Class at 36 weeks for you to practice at home
  • BRM assessment and tools
  • Virtual Birth Box
  • Labor Flashcards
  • Unlimited Phone, Email and Text Support prior to birth
  • Phone, text, Facetime, Messenger, Zoom Support During Birth
  • 2 doz Lactation Cookies 
  • Postpartum Followup Visit via Zoom within 1 week to help process birth 
  • 6 Weeks of Unlimited Phone, Email, Text Support and resources

In Person Doula Support $1700 (PAUSED FOR NOW) 

  • Meet and Greet
  • All Childbirth Education Classes Included (virtual or in person at Rancho Springs)
  • Breastfeeding Class with Julie Alexander, IBCLC
  • Birth Plan Preparation
  • 2-3 Prenatal Meetings
  • BRM Assessment and tools
  • In Person Labor and Birth Support
  • Birth Photos
  • Postpartum Visit within 1 week to help process birth
  • Lactation Cookies
  • 6 Weeks Unlimited Phone, Email, Text Support