28 Nov

After 25+ years of working with new moms and babies I have observed many a postpartum mother and her newborn. My favorite of all my nursing days was working on the Postpartum Floor. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I would be sitting on the end of the bed with a new mom during the wee hours of the morning (I worked night shift). She would have tears streaming down her face. Sometimes all you need to get through that moment of uncertainty is the gentle reminder that you are not alone and not meant to do this alone.

The postpartum period, relatively referred to as the first 6 weeks after a baby is born, is just that, a period of time.  Some moms transition smoothly and others have it a bit more challenging. Some moms are surrounded by friends and family and have all the help they could ask for while others go it alone. Some have the luxury of having doting grandparents within a short drive and others are separated by states and even oceans.  Hence the brains behind “Settling In With Baby”.  To settle is a process. Some moms settle in easily and others do not. Some know how to ask for help while others sit back and quietly try to figure everything out on their own.  The point is that we are all different in how we settle and come to a place of contentment. Just when you think you have the little stinker baby figured out they go through a growth spurt or a cognitive leap and have you on your toes again.  I am here to encourage you on your journey, knowing that the journey is always evolving. I am here to inspire you, not from my own accord but from all the brilliant people out there that have walked where you will walk and been where you are now.  You got this! I hope you join me in the journey as you learn all about “Settling In With (Your) Baby”.   - Sheri

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